Empowering the property industry through blockchain innovation

Zooky.ca, a wholly owned subsidiary of KMI, is a digital technology development company with years of experience working with the Canadian real estate sector. Our mission is to transform and empower the Canadian property investment and conveyancing sector through secure blockchain technology and groundbreaking digital innovation.

Kazooky Media Inc (KMI) is releasing a final Private Placement ahead of the full initial coin offering (ICO) launch of Zooky.ca, it’s subsidiary business, focused fractional property investment using blockchain technology. The information found on this website will provide key information of the investment opportunity and invite interested parties to register for details and projects updates.


The Zooky.ca Solutions

Zooky.ca will be launching it’s Blockchain solutions for the property investment and conveyancing markets. The following are our key components which will form our initial release. Each product will deliver an independent service while offering an end-to-end solution across the entire Canadian property market.

Fractional Property Investment

Making property investment accessible for all

Zooky.ca’s fractional property investment technology will create property investment opportunities for everyone. Moving property investment transactions to a blockchain model provides an investment framework that is secure, transparent, highly efficient and accessible to everyone.


This new model of housing investment allows aspiring home buyers to gain exposure to the property market much earlier than ever before. People can begin to build equity in the real estate market for as little as $100. Each fractional investor will receive an annual revenue stream in addition to long term stability associated with the appreciating property investment.

Choose AProperty

Choose AProperty

Buy Property Tokens

Buy Property Tokens

Earn Rental Income

Earn Rental Income

Sell Your Property Tokens Anytime

Sell Your Property Tokens Anytime


Social Mobility Through Blockchain Innovation

Affordability is one of the biggest challenges in today’s housing market.


Young families are unable to step onto the property ladder because the deposits required for home ownership make it no longer attainable.

Zooky.ca has developed a social mobility blockchain solution that addresses housing affordability head on.


What does this mean for everyone? Through fractional property investment, Zooky.ca will create affordable housing opportunities for renters and recurring rental revenue for investors. This opportunity allows people to achieve housing stability, a better work life balance and upward mobility from rental to home ownership in the housing market. It also creates affordable purpose built rentals for the Canadian rental market. 


Social mobility through Zooky.ca blockchain innovation – great news for Canadians and the Canadian real estate industry.

Zooky.ca Real Estate Marketing Platform

Zooky.ca operates a real estate marketing platform dedicated to supporting Canadian realtors and their clients. This solution has been developed through years of working with the Canadian real estate sector.


Zooky.ca’s partnership strategy: In a world that is using digital skills to change the way we work it is important to fully appreciate that property conveyancing requires local market knowledge and direct client relationships which are impossible to replicate or replace. Zooky.ca’s will work collaboratively with the real estate industry to compliment their expertise and continue to develop innovative and progressive solutions. All our digital products will directly support and enhance Realtors and their customers experience.


Our proprietary neighbourhood real estate platform provides Zooky.ca with a natural integrated marketing and distribution channel for our fractional property investment, purpose built rentals and peer to peer blockchain conveyancing.


As a national real estate marketing platform Zooky.ca will deliver sustainable organic traction while growing a large, ready to monetize audience.


Peer-to-Peer Blockchain Conveyancing

Providing Canadian Realtors with an easier way to transact real estate


Zooky.ca recogizes the needs of Canadian real estate agents and an evolving digital market. Zooky.ca will use blockchain technology to create a smart contract system that allows Realtors to support buyers and sellers to frictionlessly move through the property conveyancing process. The current land title transfer process is slow, expensive and requires cumbersome intermediaries.


Zooky.ca will create a peer-to-peer blockchain conveyancing system because:

  • Blockchain centralizes and secures real estate data, providing immediate access to all parties.
  • Blockchain makes real estate transactions frictionless, removing cumbersome and expensive financial and legal third party interventions.
  • Blockchain is a 100% trusted vehicle to store transactions and assets.
  • Blockchain tokenizes assets to be used across multiple buyers to participate in a transaction, regardless of their geographical location or currency.
  • Smart contracts already exceed the legal requirements of a traditional paper contract.

Private Placement Investment Opportunity

Kazooky Media Inc – The next BIG blockchain innovation to come out of Canada.

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