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A real estate search portal, currency, fractional property invesment and social mobility platform.

The Zooky Vision

The Zooky.ca vision is to become the aggregator and facilitator of all interactions and transactions that are involved in real estate conveyancing.

Active Search Portal and Marketplace with over 100,000 property listings.
Zooky Coin
The unique Zooky Coin is a tradeable digital currency that can be used throughout the Zooky ecosystem.
Zooky Fractional Property Investment
Zooky FPI is a new model of housing investment that gives aspiring home buyers access to the real estate market.
Zooky Social Mobility
Zooky.ca has developed a social mobility blockchain solution that addresses housing affordability head on.
Zooky Rewards
Completely unique to the real estate sector, the Zooky Platform is offering real estate agents tangible rewards for engagement.


is a real estate marketplace

We have created the Zooky.ca search portal that brings together all our target audiences; home buyers, sellers, real estate agents and property managers.

Zooky Property Listings

100,000+ Property Listings

Zooky has over 100,000+ active and sold property listings across all of Canada.

Zooky Real Estate Agents

40,000+ Real Estate Agents

To the real estate agent, Zooky.ca solutions will fast become a global game changer that will empower them to play the leading role in the property conveyancing process. 

Zooky Industry Accredited

Industry Accredited

Zooky has been approved and accredited nationally by CREA and in Metro Vancouver by the REBGV.

Zooky Coin Blue

Zooky Coin (ZKY)


The Zooky Coin is a tradeable digital currency for the real estate market that can be used throughout the entire Zooky ecosystem. Real estate agents can use ZKY to purchase marketing services through the Zooky Search Portal at a significant discount. Home buyers can use the Zooky Coin to securely handle their real estate and housing charge transactions. Real estate investors can use ZKY to safely and efficiently get exposure to Canadian real estate.

Zooky Fractional Property Investment

Making real estate available for everyone

Zooky Fractional Property Investment

This new model of housing investment, allowing multiple people to invest in one property, allows aspiring home buyers to gain exposure to the property market much earlier than ever before. People can begin to build equity in the real estate market for as little as $100. Each fractional investor will receive an annual revenue stream in addition to long term stability associated with the appreciating property investment.

Fractional Property Investment
Social Mobility

Social mobility through digital innovation

Affordability is one of the biggest challenges in today’s housing market. Young families are unable to step onto the property ladder because the down payments required for home ownership make it no longer attainable.

Zooky.ca has developed a social mobility blockchain solution that addresses housing affordability head on.

What does this mean for everyone? Through fractional property investment, Zooky.ca will create affordable housing opportunities for renters and recurring rental revenue for investors. This opportunity allows people to achieve housing stability, a better work / life balance and upward mobility from rental to home ownership in the housing market. 

Zooky Rewards

Zooky Rewards

Completely unique to the real estate sector, the Zooky Platform is offering real estate agents tangible rewards for engagement. As real estate agents naturally use the Zooky Search Portal they will be rewarded with Zooky Coins that they can use to buy marketing services and sell back to 3rd party exchanges. 


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The Zooky Journey

Kazooky Media Inc (KMI), the parent company of Zooky, was formed in 2011 by Kevin Pickering and Chaz Green. Within 6 months of founding KMI, the social game Kazooky Social Poker was released on Facebook. The company sold the poker game as KMI was transitioning into digital solutions in the real estate space.

Zooky Real Estate Websites
In 2015 KMI released its first real estate website, donbutt.ca. That process establised Kazooky as an accredited real estate digital service provider which paved the way for the Zooky.ca search portal.
Zooky.ca Goes Live
In early 2018 the Zooky team released the first working prototype of the Zooky.ca search portal. This was a live site that connected to both CREA and the REBGV, providing access to over 100,000 property lstings across Canada. It was the precursor to the full featured Zooky.ca that is currently live and operational.
Zooky ICO and ZKY Minting
In 2020 we will see the launch of the anticipated Zooky Coin (ZKY) ICO. The ZKY ICO will be completely unique in that it will offer multiple ROI opportunities. Not only will ICO participants receive their ZKY but they will also receive a relevant number of Zooky Property Tokens when that system is ready. And of course ZKY will be used as a currency on the Zooky.ca search portal.
FPI / Social Mobility / Property Exchange
Later in 2020 the Fractional Property Investment system will be completed, along with the necessary Zooky Property Exchange. These technologies are the foundation for the Zooky Social Mobility platform.
Q1, 2020
Q3, 2020

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