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Zooky Community Update – Aug 1, 2018

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Our latest Kazooky Media Inc (KMI) news release comes to you from what has been a very productive period since the last communication. We have made significant steps towards our full launch plans. This investor update will provide updates on the following:

  • A new Executive Board Member (EBM) announced
  • management team expansion
  • New technology partner agreement signed
  • Fractional property investment model signed off by our board
  • Private placement IR material now available online

As you can see, and will shortly read, this rounds off a very impressive period of operational and commercial expansion for the company. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it clearly conveys management’s drive and tenacity to not only execute on our strategy; but deliver a compelling and appealing value proposition to the team, strategic partners and future investors.

It is therefore with anticipation and excitement of what is to come that I present to you KMI’s latest Investor News Update.

New Executive Board Member (EBM) Announced

Beier Cai has joined Zooky’s Executive Board – Beier will play a strategic role of advising our technology team though the Initial Coin Offer (ICO). Those that do not know Beier let me provide a small intro. He was one of the first employees of Hootsuite as their head of development. Beier wrote the “first line of code” and set the technology roadmap for what would be Hootsuite’s flagship product. He lead the team which created a world leading solution that would see Hootsuite become a global success in its field. Beier recently set up and co founded First Coin Capital, a premier Blockchain ICO solution provider who were recently acquired by a US investment fund. Beier is regarded as a global leader in the Blockchain space and a great addition to our EAB. – Building the Best Management Team

As our commercial strategy gathers pace, so will our management team. We are in the business of digital engagement and so our next additions to the team must ensure we visually achieve this goal in time for the full launch.

Lasko Konopa – User Experience (UX) Lead – Lasko will lead on all the visual artwork and design, creating visually engaging digital collateral and product look and feel. He will design the complete look and feel for the marketing platform and all our commercial and corporate documents. Lasko is in the final stages of completing our published Commercial White paper ICO launch document which we will share with you in the near future. A great addition to the management team who has hit the street running, creatively.

Kevan Fox – Front End Developer Lead – Kevan will be the guy who takes all the cool stuff Lasko creates and incorporates it into the front end of our digital products. He writes the code that ensures our user experience is optimized to perform well across all devices – PC, tablet and mobile.. Kevan will start work on all the front end development later in August working closely with Lasko, and Colin Fox (no relation) to deliver a complete digital presence. To ensure all our creative visuals work across platforms we need a strong front end lead developer and Kevan is a strong part of the management team to make this happen.

Strategic Technology Partner AnnouncementFirst Coin Capital

KMI Signs Technology Agreement with First Coin Capital – As you will all know is preparing for its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to create a $30 million accelerator fund. A critical part of this strategy is to secure a blockchain technology partner to provide the complete platform that will manage and administrate the entire ICO offer. Having interviewed, and invited to tender, several blockchain providers we are pleased to announce that we signed a delivery agreement with First Coin Capital. This agreement not only provides full ICO support but also incorporates a consultation and support layer which will allow access to their entire team. This is a very significant event for the company at this time and brings everything together, technically, for a full ICO launch. – Creating A Unique Approach to Fractional Property Investment

As part of our core value propositions that make up, our Fractional Property investment model has finally been agreed by the board and this offer has now been added to our Commercial White paper. We are extremely proud of this solution and in particular our Social Mobility model. By removing the finance cost of property investment we are able to offer good returns to our ZKY token holders though annual yields and token trading liquidity. We are also able to create a property investment approach that will target young families with affordable rental properties for a prolonged and stable period. We will remove the high rental costs associated with city living and provide a financially secure alternative that will allow young families to live where they work.

Zooky will be solving problems that local government and developers find challenging. We will establish at the forefront of a unique, socially responsible and highly desirable way to use blockchain technology in a positively disruptive approuch. There is a lot of valuable information you may wish to discuss in more detail which i am more than happy to do, so feel free to just e-mail or call.

Kazooky Media Inc (KMI) Private Placement

Private placement landing page is launched – As part of our pre ICO fund raising program we have created a landing page for all initial interested parties. This page is positioned to create an engaging snapshot of all that is great about the investment opportunity – This is will be KMI’s last equity release before the ICO so in itself is a unique opportunity.

Upon reading the content you will quickly realise the private placement comes with a liquidity offer through ZKY Tokens. Essentially this allows investors in this private placement the opportunity to receive ICO tokens for trading on the open exchanges offering our tokens.

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