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Zooky Community Update – Sep 20, 2018

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New Marketing Specialist Joins Kazooky Executive Advisory Board

We are pleased to announce that Georgiana (Gia) Laudi will be joining Kazooky’s Executive Advisory Board (EAB) in the capacity of Digital Media Strategist providing guidance and support for Kazooky’s Digital Marketing team.

Gia has a degree in Digital Media & Communications from Concordia University and has built on this foundation to become a well respected authority in digital marketing tactics, brand strategy and corporate identity. She brings a wealth of experience, notably from her 5 year tenure at Unbounce until 2017 as VP of Marketing, moving only to start her own new venture. During her time at Unbounce she was part of a company that grew in revenues from $1M to $15.6M.

However, what I am most impressed with is Gia’s ability to drill down and apply engaging digital tactics within a start up / SME environment; which she did from 2002 onwards with her family’s business. Her skills and approach succeeded in growing its online presence, commercial authority and ranking to No. 1 on Google within their market sector.

Gia now helps high-growth SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) companies scale as a growth advisor, marketing mentor and coach at her company, A Better CX IncGia works directly with founders and their teams as a marketing exec for hire. She also co-hosts Forget The Funnel, free weekly workshops and training dedicated to SaaS marketers.

Gia’s experience, skills and refreshing approach to digital marketing tactics; together with her passion to be part of the startup launch, through to executing an aggressive and scalable strategy, makes for a strong advisory fit at Kazooky Media Inc.

I am sure you will all welcome Gia into the Kazooky community at this extremely exciting period of launch and expansion.

As we move towards scaling and launching the real estate marketing platform,  I will be building a strong EAB that will compliment the strengths and needs of the company. I will only invite those who I believe add real and tangible value to maximise our growth strategy and shareholder return.

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