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Carl Schmidt Joins Kazooky Executive Advisory Board

Zooky Real Estate Search Portal

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Kazooky Media Inc (KMI) are excited to announce and welcome the appointment of Carl Schmidt to its Executive Advisory Board (EAB). As with all our advisors Carl brings a specific and complementary set of technical skills that will ensure KMI continue to build out and rapidly scale up its neighbourhood property search platform,

Carl is a leading technologist and startup veteran, having taken from startup to a profitable enterprise and strong BC community employer. Carl has hands on experience in every aspect of the startup journey; from concept to the technical scaling and all the way through to executing and delivering a profitable market leading enterprise.

KMI will utilise Carl’s breadth of technical experience, from platform scaling to machine learning, as the management team navigate through the various technical layers that will come from the rapid scaling and deployment of the service. Commercially KMI will also benefit from Carl’s start-up/new venture experience as we consider balancing scalability with financial agility and new external investor opportunities during our next expansion phase.

About Carl Schmidt

Carl has been helping companies solve real business problems with creative technology solutions for over thirty years. His breadth of experience includes accounting and ERP systems, network technologies, SaaS, cloud computing and machine learning. He shares his experience through regular speaking engagements in Canada and abroad, and loves to engage in activities that support the technology community.

About is a real estate neighbourhood search platform, dedicated to showcasing real estate agent’s brand and property portfolio in addition to the fractional property investment platform, delivering property investment opportunities for everyone –

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