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Zooky ICO

The hybrid Zooky ICO offers both the Zooky Coin (ZKY) and the security token, Zooky Property Tokens (ZPT). These tokens are used to power and back the entire Zooky ecosystem.

Join the Zooky Community and come with us on this exciting and innovative journey.

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The Unique Zooky Coin

The Zooky Coin powers the entire Zooky ecosystem and platform, using true utility not found in any other platform or project.
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    Buying advertising on the search portal 

  • Zooky Coin Blue

    Exchanging services on the Zooky marketplace

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    Using ZKY to purchase fractional property units

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    Paying for monthly housing charges in Social Mobility

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    Zooky Rewards


Managing ZKY Supply and Releasing Back Into The Market

Zooky will receive ZKY in its day-to-day operation through the purchases of services within the Zooky ecosystem. So as to recognize revenues and maintain a consistent cost structure, some of the ZKY received will have to be converted to fiat currencies. We believe the best way to do this is to systematically sell 50-70% of the ZKY received over time.

ZKY ICO Information

ICO Dates

ICO Pre Sale

Q1, 2020

ICO Main Sale

Q2, 2020

Q3, 2020


Average Price




Buy With


Total Supply

225M ZKY




Restricted Countries



Why Buy ZKY?

Purchasing the Zooky Coin (ZKY) during the hybrid Zooky ICO will have many benefits for all sorts of people and professionals. But mostly, as an investor, you will be receiving ZPT as part of your return on your initial contrubition.
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    As an investor you will receive both ZKY and ZPT that can be traded independently and each for its own separate value.

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    If you are a real estate professional you can use the currency to purchase services on the Zooky platform at a significant discount.

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    If you are a property investor you will receive Zooky property tokens when the FPI platform is ready.

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    If you are a tenant you can use your Zooky Coins to pay your monthly housing charge at a discount.

  • Zooky Coin Blue

    You can use ZKY to buy Zooky Property Tokens on the Zooky Platform.

  • ZKY Token Distribution

    ZKY Distribution

Post ICO, the Zooky Coin will be minted and distributed to everyone who has contributed to the ICO sale.

We have supply total of 225 million ZKY. We will not sell more than this during the ICO. Based on this number the ICO ZKY distribution is as per the graph found in the digital white paper.
  • Burning ZKY

    Burning ZKY

While the ZKY supply post ICO will be 225M, the end supply will be 150M. This will be the result of regular monthly burning of ZKY as the coins are used on the Zooky platform.